Wearables at Deloitte.

Wearables will soon become the norm in the workplace.

At Deloitte, our aspiration is to be the undisputed global leader in professional services. As wearable technology continues to grow in value and expand in capability, we recognize that the neccessity for consulting services involving wearables is also growing. While the consumer wearables market has yet to reach full maturity, enterprise wearables present an infinite set of potential applications. As a result, Deloitte Wearables guides industrial and business oriented clients through the wearables landscape in the pursuit of technological innovation and improved business operations.

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Wearables Impacting Industries.


Changing the way medical companies conduct research and drug effectiveness through 24/7 sensory capabilities; reducing overall costs and improving quality.


Empowering new ways of customer engagement and increasing brand loyalty through interactive experiences with retailers and their products.


Virtual reality is facilitating a cheaper and engaging way to onboard new employees and provide interactive training.


Facilitating new methods of secure authorization and payments while providing customers with flexibility and ease through reduced waiting times.


Empowering armed forces through clear and accurate instructions, and additional capabilities for increased safety and improved response times.


Protecting employees in high danger and stress zones (e.g. oil rigs and underground mining) through constant health monitoring and alert capabilities.